Truckers Edition Nó46-Road Rage ,Bad Drivers, Brake Checks, Dashcam caught | Instantkarma


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This is Only Truckers Edition N-46-Road Rage ,bad drivers, brake checks, Dashcam caught | Instant karma
It includes Road situation’s ,Funny moments that our Truckers face on a daily basis.
The videos should be taken as a tool for Educational and Journalistic purposes. Used for learning.

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Credits for the video(Thank you):
Around The Corner Trucking

Truck 17 I got Hit

Robert Brand

Dash Cam Ford fail


Brake check by old people

July 11, 2020

Almost Clipped a boat, Bad driving

Truck driver cuts me off bad

Highway true hell dashcam

Close call for the gray car

Lil Dragon Industries

Ep 2. Merging Mayhem – Poor Passing

Near misses – Vol 52 – That’s Not a Passing Lane

Near Misses Vol 53 ,Ep. 1 You want it delivered.

Donovan Wilkison

10/17/20 Darwin Award Montebello , CA

10/16/2020 Near miss in Laguna Hills, She said she is a new driver

True Legacy Of Trucking

Almost Got Him!! , Bummer


Getting over now

Lauren C

2 Impatient car drivers get a little Karma!

Bad truck driver

Bikers acting like they are …

Brokedown truck and a 4 wheeler


Adelaide DashCam – Driver fails to give way then brake checks


Impatient Fourwheeler

Fourwheeler decision making

4 wheeler makes a poor decision

Fuu Hoshino

Truck Driver Karen Road Rage

Marcus A. Dixon

Phelan Ca Driver taking risks his life and others

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