Viofo A139 3-Channel Dashcam Review


Detailed review of the Viofo A139 3-channel dashcam.
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0:00 Intro
0:38 In the Box
1:08 Hands-on Overview
3:09 Interior Camera
5:03 Interior Camera Being Separate
6:15 Front Camera Daytime Quality
7:58 Rear Camera Daytime Quality
8:42 Front Camera Nighttime Quality
9:41 Rear Camera Nighttime Quality
10:36 HDR
12:26 Parking Recording
12:56 Motion Detection
13:19 Impact Detection
14:14 Timelapse Recording
14:34 Low Bitrate Recording
15:10 Controlling Bitrate
15:29 H.265
16:31 WiFi App
18:36 Voice Notifications
20:28 Updates & Upcoming Features
22:21 Remote Bluetooth Button
23:30 Accessories
24:39 Overall Impressions

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