North American Road Rage | Bad Drivers, Hit and Run, Car Crash, Brake Check | USA & Canada 2022


This is a compilation of driving fails in USA and Canada of January 2022. It also features clips such as road rage, car crashes, bad drivers and many more fails made while driving.
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This video has a very good educational value which will help the viewer understand traffic laws and make him safer driver. Also, from the clips and additional text the viewer can learn what the consequences of bad driving can look like and educate his/herself with better driving safety. This process makes our video educational for our road safety.

All videos used have written PERMISSION from the ORIGINAL copyright owners!
Check the links to the owners videos in our description of every video.

Links to original videos:

1. andhonn

[Blackvue 900x 2ch] Semi nearly merges into my truck, I know I shouldn’t have tried to pass because I already had a gut feeling the semi was slowly merging onto my lane from Dashcam

2. MrKayveman
Dashcam near miss

3. Sask Dashcam
January 14, 2022

4. yaboired
dumbf**k tundra driver

5. Stockton Drivers
What RED Light #3

6. Learn to Drive Illinois
Rear Ended stopping for an ambulance

7. Kizashi SLS Sport Daily
2008 Subaru Impreza Head-On Collision

8. Josiah Brooks
Hydroplane Car Accident on Interstate 95

9. Ebeniz
Dashcam – City bus slides into curb

10. Dedoria
Close Call (Denver)

11. BurnedAngel
Wrong Turn!

[VIOFO A129 PRO] Wrong Turn! from Dashcam

12. Shawn Kidd
Stupid driver

13. Austin S

14. my_cat_is_a_j**k
Red Light Runners vs Convenient Unmarked Cop

[Viofo A129+] Red Light Runners vs Convenient Unmarked Cop from Dashcam

15. Sask Dashcam
January 14, 2022

16. SRizvi
Distracted driver almost hits pedestrian

17. Suburban Tacticool
Snow Driving on I-95 in Chester County PA

18. Robert Madsen
1 13 2022 I was Rear Ended

19. phil
Jan 4, 2022, I-15 HWY Northbound / 210 HWY near-miss the pile-up accident

20. jordicue
Bad drivers of Tucson #12

21. Antonio Nuñez
Impatient Drivers

22. Frankenstein Bottle
Close call

23. thew1zard
I-96 and Farmington Livonia Michigan. Dodge Avenger idiot

24. Palpali Travel Diary
Near Crash in a Roundabouts in Viera, Florida – Lake Andrew Drive & and North Wickham Road

25. Jeffrey Cosby
Bad drivers

26. jeeplifecollective

27. CScott Silver
UPS Near Collision 1-15-22

28. My ATX Dashcam Snips
Almost changes lanes into me in intersection Texas PRD3135

29. a1butcherboy
Bad walkers at start and bad driver at the end.