North American Road Rage | Bad Drivers, Hit and Run, Car Crash, Brake Check | USA & Canada 2022


This is a compilation of driving fails in USA and Canada of January 2022. It also features clips such as road rage, car crashes, bad drivers and many more fails made while driving.
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This video has a very good educational value which will help the viewer understand traffic laws and make him safer driver. Also, from the clips and additional text the viewer can learn what the consequences of bad driving can look like and educate his/herself with better driving safety. This process makes our video educational for our road safety.

All videos used have written PERMISSION from the ORIGINAL copyright owners!
Check the links to the owners videos in our description of every video.

Links to original videos:

1. jimmy wen

2. Thomas Flansburg
Icy Near Miss

3. a1boatnik
Idiot encountered on NY Taconic Parkway 220107

4. Days Of Our Views
Car Accident at Ventura Blvd. and Sepulveda Blvd.

5. Okanagan Summers
Spin Out Jan 7 2022

6. VeteranGamer1989
Another driver pulling out with out looking

7. Ladydirtold
Ladydirtold’s Dashcam – car accident 12/30/2021

– Ladydirtld’s Dashcam – bad driver 12/31/2021

8. ctalj3
Near miss by Deans Supply. Car in front of him stopped because of a car that came out of no where.

9. DD-214 Patriot
Driving too Fast in Snow

10. Djamess4
20220107 021204 NF

11. Mike Long
Sliding through

12. Osburn Palmer
Car accident in the US

13. Bunty
Brampton Rash Driving

14. DP Thatsme
Rear ended

15. endlesslooop
Terrible merge from this morning almost resulted in accident

16. G S
2022 0105 055400 101A

17. Iwitness
Red light runner!

18. RoxasL
close call with a train. Slid onto tracks

19. Eric Henning
12-28-2021 Page Avenue Accident

rear end scam. pre damage/ 3 car

21. meghann8
Our first Dashcam capture

22. Chapman Cars & Tech
Close Call Caught On Dash Cam

23. moontiger74
Guy gets road rage when he fails to beat my 15yo minivan to the highway ramp