UK Dash Cam #111 – Close Calls, Bad Drivers & Observations


UK Dash Cam #111 – Close Calls, Bad Drivers & Observations Compilation! This is just some of the Close Calls, Bad Drivers, Red Light Runners and Interesting Motors (Car Spots) we see in the UK on a daily basis! Particularly in the South of England.
We hope you enjoy the video.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Dodgy Overtake.
0:28 Bad Driving.
1:20 Close Call (Cloudmaker).
1:58 Bad Driving (Will).
4:10 Local v.s. Tourist.
5:45 Lane Hogger(s).
6:22 Observations.
6:38 Red Light Runners (Will).
7:09 Car Spots (Cloudmaker, Will, Stephen B).
8:46 Crash Aftermath.
8:55 Film Set Caught on Dash Cam.
9:13 South East v.s. South West of England.

Intro: Lost Sky – Lost [NCS Release]

Dash Cams:
Viofo A139.
Viofo A129.
Vantrue N4.
Nextbase 312gw.

Cam Cars:
2016 Skoda Octavia Estate.
2013 Skoda Citigo.
2016 Toyota Verso.

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