Truckers Edition Nó4-Road Rage, Car crashes, bad drivers ,brakechecks, Dashcam caught|Instant karma


Hey Guys,
This is Only Truckers Edition Nó4-Road Rage,Carcrashes,bad drivers,brakechecks,Dashcam caught|Instantkarma
It includes Road situation’s ,Funny moments that our Truckers face on a daily basis.
The videos should be taken as a tool for Educational and Journalistic purposes.Used for learning.

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🔺[00:03]Redneck Mayhem

Wow! that was a close call

🔺[00:18]Bounty hunter

Women driver


U-Turn cop

🔺[00:54]Jose Lozano

Tractor trailer trying to stop


Today my road rage pegged out


Close semi truck accident

🔺[02:10]Bounty Hunter

Feldspar idiot

🔺[04:12]Bounty Hunter

Tailgate like a …

RCN Contractor idiot driver

🔺[04:54]Andrez Ramirez

Close call


Fording through


Sometimes you have to back off
And let them have their way



🔺[07:29]Life through our Lens

I-75 South bound accident


Idiot pulls out in front of me.

🔺[08:18]Heita Kuwada

Bad truck driver at London,Ontario

🔺[09:04]Joe Wood

Backing up on the highway

Speeding cars cause major accident I -87 N

Another idiot stopped in the lane of traffic in New York

Car backs up on the I-87

🔺[11:33]Next x Play

Truck accident ice truckers

🔺[11:55]Oleg Vishnevskiy

Idiot trying to brake check semi


Video is for educational purpose only for safer roads and safe driving.
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