Road Rage,Carcrashes,bad drivers,rearended,brakechecks,Busted by cops|Dashcam caught|Instantkarma#94


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Road Rage,Carcrashes,bad drivers,rearended,brakechecks,Busted by cops|Dashcam caught|Instantkarma#94

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🔺[00:03]Ontheroadagain in Leicester

Crazy women drives on wrong side of the road nearly crashes

🔺[00:30]Klinger Kustom

Stupid driver remake

🔺[02:09]Mike Rheynolds

Idiot impatient driver almost causes an accident

🔺[02:29]A H.

Bad drivers all over CT


Sept 5 accident

🔺[03:03]Bad Drivers of Pueblo Co

Black Majda Protege gets Karma

🔺[03:35]Wagwan Yute

Idiot Vaughn driver.

🔺[04:05]Nick Scoczen

Rear end accident-Chicago
Front cam

Rear cam

🔺[05:30]Mike Rheynolds

Truck stop hit


Car makes dangerous left turn from right turn lane


Rolling a cigarette while driving
Idiots behind the wheels


Mains road entry onto M3 incident

Desparate car at lights

🔺[09:18]Mike Rheynolds

Only accident I have ever had in over 13 years



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