BEST OF DASHCAMS – DRIVING FAILS Compilation 2021 | Car Crashes Time – Episode #3


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All content in this video is used with the permission of the original owners or their distributors. A big thank you to everyone who allowed to use their clips!

0:00 Intro
0:08 car accident [Jesse Bailey]
0:33 car accident [Papa Arkem]
0:50 ДТП Севастополь [Victor Perevozchikov]
1:08 Авария 2 апреля 2021 [Максим Бологов]
1:16 Crash [Tim Hawkins]
1:27 дтп с ТП [Shalast Nur]
1:36 Дтп Гайсин 07.06.2021 [Vovankova]
1:47 Rear-Ended & Rollover – Monaco & 96th (Adams County, CO) [Caught On Dash Cam]
2:01 ДТП Челябинск Троицкий Тракт [Александр Жук]
2:08 ДТП Чернігів, вул. 1 Травня, 14.04.2021 р. [# Juristavantjurist]
2:24 помеха с право [Egor Gulnarin]
2:32 ДТП [Владимир Самин]
2:46 ДТП при выезде со двора [KGBingo]
2:56 ДТП,разошлись на долю секунды [eaton А]
3:10 ДТП. Калуга [JohnnyTDR]
3:23 ДТП, Воронеж Тимирязева [Александр Ларионов]
3:31 ДТП Мазда 3 [Kos]
3:43 ДТП на кольце ( Остужева) 12.07.2021 Воронеж [Александр Ларионов]
3:52 дтп Воронеж [Александр Ларионов]
4:00 УЧИТЕЛЬ НА VOLVO к550оо77 / ДТП [Evgeniy xxx]
4:12 ТП и дтп [Shalast Nur]
4:21 ДТП в Новосілках [Ga Tuno]
4:32 дтп 9 июня 2021 [leshiygad gad]
4:38 ДТП Москва Два умника на встречной [LavR6]
4:50 Калуга Срезал. Почти ДТП. [JohnnyTDR]
5:02 лихой обгон по мокрой дороге [Вячеслав Третьяченко]
5:11 ДТП, Ярославль Ленинградский проспект [Сергей Яковлев]
5:21 ДТП из-за не знания ПДД [SHALAST NUR]
5:36 дтп с учителем [SHALAST NUR]
5:42 дтп [SHALAST NUR]
5:53 Разворот и дтп [SHALAST NUR]
5:59 дтп с второрядником [SHALAST NUR]
6:11 ДТП Калуга, снёс зеркало [JohnnyTDR]
6:25 М7 Волга [Евгений Семёнов]
6:35 Road accident in Obninsk [Сергей Вилков]
6:50 видео дтп [Михаил Тужилков]
7:06 Close call with truck in Iraq [Muhamad Abdulrahman]
7:13 Discovery 4×4 With Trailer Crashes–Umltk0 [Wattz Artist]
7:33 Unfall Autobahn Frontalzusammenstoß [Klaus Günter]
7:48 Road accident on slippery highway [Byeong Gyu Evan Kang]
8:01 Accident in Taiwan [地圖型行車影像分享平台]
8:16 Close call on highway in Taiwan [地圖型行車影像分享平台]
8:39 Rear-end accident in Taiwan [Zheng Youchen]
8:53 Motorbike fail [地圖型行車影像分享平台]
9:04 Ford F 150 vs Honda Accord Slightly Major Crash [rextinctione]
9:18 Dashcam view of being rear ended [Lewisj67]
9:26 T-Bone Accident in Virginia Beach [Bad Drivers of The Hampton Roads Area]
9:36 Woman allegedly texting and driving runs light and causes accident [myklobe]
9:53 Police/Fire + distracted driving cause car crash [Forrest Winterburn]
10:02 Highway accident caught on front and rear dash cam [The Hemmi House]
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