Bad Drivers Compilation № 5 [DUMB and Careless People] [Dashcam Clips From 2013 and 2021]


**DUMB and careless people**
Welcome to our 5th dashcam compilation that constitutes a reboot of our channel, and officially replaces the original videos 96 thru 100 in our numbered series. The first part of this exciting and juicy video are re-uploads of our best dashcam captures of the worst drivers from 2013, presented in our current format of funny and comedic narration. The second part of this video is fresh, new content from 2021.

Watch this incredible video to see the worst drivers of Napa Valley, St Helena, Fairfield, Concord, Vallejo, Bay Area of California and beyond. See the driving fails, the road rage, close calls, stupidity, horn honking, aggressive driving, traffic cheaters and the roadway drama we have to put up with every day.

We feature a ton of incredible driving fails and really stupid people behind the wheel who shouldn’t have a license. These bad drivers caught on camera make for a lot of interesting chaos. We have people from all around the country and the world submitting dashcam clips to include in our compilations. Lots of idiots in cars!




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