North American Cars Driving Fails (USA & Canada) | Bad Drivers, Near miss, Road Rage | 2021 # 18


This video is dedicated to various driving situations of the following topics: bad driving, ROAD RAGE, car crashes and road accidents. Alter watching this video, you will find out how you should not behave on the road, realize that you should not violate the rules of the road, see in examples what neglect of the rules of the road can lead to.

Attention! Please read onscreen text commentaries on every clip. We provide you with additional information so that you can better understand what exactly happened, what were the main mistakes, how the story ended and what the consequences were.

From the footage and additional information, we hope the viewers will be able to learn safer driving. This gives the video more educational value.
All traffic incidents shown on our channel are not fatal. All profanity is censored (in accordance with the YouTube’s policy).

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00:00 ➤ Intro
00:08 ➤ Driver wants to be underneath tractor trailer
00:29 ➤ Close Call on Two Lane Highway
00:47 ➤ Close call
01:02 ➤ Semi Trailer Runs Red Light and Narrowly misses a car
01:20 ➤ Teen Driver *close call* dashcam footage
01:34 ➤ idiot driver in west plains
01:48 ➤ TeslaCAM – Close call in the Bay Area – Left
02:34 ➤ Bad Drivers of Austin
02:53 ➤ Close call. Boca raton, Florida
03:10 ➤ Deaf Lady Try’s to Run Me Off the Road
03:10 ➤ Dashcam Close Call. London Ontario, Canada
04:28 ➤ CLOSE CALL slight rage!
05:04 ➤ Road-raging F250 driver can’t wait his turn to get on the highway in Monterey, CA!
05:25 ➤ Highway Handoff – Reno, NV.
06:30 ➤ instant karma red light runner with cop

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