Car Driving Fails & Bad Drivers 2020 #60


This is a car crash compilation of December 2020. It also features clips such as bad drivers, road rage, rear-ended, and driving fails. This video can be utilized as a learning tool for how to obey traffic laws, road safety procedures, and driving conditions. Many clips are used as an example of how to and how NOT to follow driving procedures. Recall that driving is a privilege, not a right.

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Garrett Shoaff – near accident on 5 North in LA ➤
Hussain’s Collection – How Not to Drive Your Car ➤
P L – Red light runner 1 ➤
Willie Walton – Don’t Think That’s What Hazardss Are For ➤
GL103 – The Cut on Southern State Pkwy ➤
Terry Nguyen – Car crash ➤ Video Submission
Justin – Cop Speeding ➤ Video Submission
Alli – Car accident ➤ Video Submission
Bad Drivers of the Bay Area – Cut off ➤
Christian Rodarte – Close call ➤ Video Submission
ZM Ma – Jan 13th 2020 SR 520 Multi-Car crash. ➤
Tom Matthias – Instant karma dashcam footage ➤
Diego Pena Sosa – Dash Cam Accident QEW Dec 4 2017 ➤
Ramon Pinon – Honda Pilot totals my Escape ➤
Andrew R – Rollover Crash 610 Westbound 10/31/16 ➤
Richard Petersen – Rear ended ➤ Video Submission
Damon Hf – Accident , car crash North Vancouver Canada ➤
Nick K – car crash Slomo ➤
Bad Drivers of the Bay Area – Rear-ended ➤

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