Random Dashcam moments | Bad drivers,Animals crossing roads ,Blown tires,Highway debris and more.

This video is just a collection of random things captured on dashcams around the world ,No extraordinary clips here but some ordinary things from everyday drives of people.
Random Dashcam moments | Bad drivers,Animals crossing roads ,Blown tires,Highway debris and more.
The videos should be taken as a tool for Educational and Journalistic purposes.Used for learning.

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Swarn of bees

🔺Bad drivers of Colarado

Nearly hit jaywalker

🔺Raymond G

Tanker truck took the escape ramp

🔺OTR Monk

Deer crossing I 65 in TN


I 29 car explosion


Road rage incident gone wrong

🔺Stupid human tricks

Ohh deer!

Glying gator

🔺Capturrd with Nexar

Captured by nexar user un Montana.

Captured by nexar user in New York

Captured by nexar user in San Bernardino California

Captured by nexar user in Dayton,Ohio

🔺Michael Lee

20201004 car hit tire on I 84

🔺Randall hawes

Saved by a whisker

🔺Johnny lally

Animal crossing and a truck

🔺Buster Brown

One lucky deer

🔺Haunted Marysville Montana

Dash cam records near miss with whitetail

Dash cam madness – Spider holds on for dear life.

🔺Allen St.John

Tow truck blows engine

🔺Trucking on 95


🔺Douglas Porter

100mph storm in Grimes

🔺Police cams

Dashcam Footage shows F-16 pilot eject just before crash

🔺Dash canmer

CammerDash Trailer

🔺Drew Chrysostom

Almost caught a salmon

Dad hits deer

Anti red light camera license plate finsh is blinding.

Tim hortons wipe out

🔺Cin Ho

Deer on 95 S

🔺Steel City Dashcam

Close call with deer

Close call | Stray cat


This is why pedestrians get hit


Darwin Award :Risking your life to catch a bus

🔺Jose Lozano

Brake check

Dump truck ture blew out.


Close call with pests

🔺Riando Wright

Turkey in the Headlight

🔺Enid Oklahoma Show

Plywood fly up behind semi truck OKC

🔺Westside trucker


🔺Jerome Schwartz

That is the question

🔺Scott Zane

Police arrest pursuit suspect in front of me.


Guy jumps in front of a car in the middle of intersection

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