Top 5 Budget Dash Cams for 2020 📷 My Best Picks After Tons of Testing


I share my best value picks for dash cams between $35 and $110. These cameras were chosen after extensive research and hands-on testing. We looked closely at reliability, video quality and functionality versus their price and intended use to come up with our 5 picks.

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🌟 UPDATE: Sept 19th, 2020 🌟
Aukey’s DRA5 is my new cheap pick. It’s MUCH better than the Aukey DRA1 and DR01 I recommended. For $40 (or less on sale) you get better video quality, smaller size and it rotates 360° so you can capture police encounters and road rage. Full review:

Viofo’s A119V3 remains my 1440P upgrade pick but the A119V2 is no longer being sold by Viofo.

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I’ve purchased all dash cams and accessories since 2017. No paid reviews here. When you buy using some links below, we may earn some money at no cost to you.

1️⃣ VIOFO A119V3 — Best Budget Camera
Great for drivers who want excellent day and night video quality and all the essentials you need in a dashcam. Great customer service through their retailer OCD Tronic. I recommend getting the polarizing filter to reduce glare.
📹 Our Full Review:

• USA:
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• UK:
Viofo’s Official Store: Ships internationally
BlackBoxMyCar – Great seller I’ve been suggesting for over 7 years
• BlackBoxMyCar USA:
• BlackBoxMyCar CAN:

2️⃣ ANKER ROAV A1 — Top Cheap Pick
One of the best cheap dash cams under $55. The A1’s combination of good video quality, useful features like WiFi and backed by a worldwide warranty makes the A1 hard to beat. The downside is its use of lithium-ion batteries making it a bad choice for hot environments.
📹 Our Full Video Review:


3️⃣ BLUESKYSEA B1W — Compact & Low Key Pick
The only camera under $60 to have all the essentials: Good 1080P recordings, capacitors, stealthy shape, and decent customer service and an 18-month warranty. The big downside is the non-intuitive app.
📹 Our Full Video Review:


4️⃣ Aukey DRA5 & DR01/DR02 & DR02J — Hot Weather Picks
Our picks for hot climates as they are the only cameras with capacitors and a 2-year warranty. They aren’t specifically designed for hot weather but they are built decently.
📹 My Full DRA5 Review:

• DRA5 Replaces the DRA1 with great night video quality)
• DR01 and DRA1 no longer recommended, get the DRA5 instead
• DRO2 (Good 1080P, +$10 for a Wedge Shape):
• DR02J (1440P Quality):

5️⃣ VIOFO A119V2 — 1440P Value Pick
Still a great pick – if you can find it. After many years Viofo has ended its production and is solely focused on selling the A119V3.
📹 Our Full Video Review:

💽 64GB SAMSUNG PRO ENDURANCE — Best Memory Card for Dash Cams
It helps your camera stay running as it’s tougher than the typical card you’ll buy and helps reduce data corruption.
📹 Our Full Video Review:

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🆙 Crosstour CR900
Our new cheap dual-channel pick. It covers everything that we think is important – good video quality, notifications, capacitors, and customer service.
📹 Our Full Video Review:


🆙 VIOFO A129 DUO | Best Front-Pack Upgrade
The first front-back camera under $200 that adds WiFi and Front-Back functionality to all the great things you expect from the A119V3. It has better value than the A129 PRO. Premium-level features at a budget price.
📹 Our Full Video Review:


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0:00 Our Test Methods and What’s a Dash Cam
0:25 Summary of Our Top 5 Cameras & Why We Chose Them
1:28 Viofo A119V3 — Best Budget Dash Cam
6:46 ROAV A1 — Best Cheap ($50) Dash Cam
10:54 What MicroSD Card to Buy
11:26 BlueSkySea B1W — Small & Heat Resistant Camera for $50
13:22 Aukey Dash Cams — Top Choice for Hot Environments
15:40 Viofo A119V2 — Best Value 1440P Dash Cam
17:12 Viofo A129 DUO — Best Budget Front-Back Dash Cam
18:05 $250+ Premium Dash Cams Summary